The Things I do, also known as ‘A second begining’

Life is difficult. Trying to be a grownup and not to mess it up. Trying to have dreams and made them come true…

I promised myself I will write more. Actually, I promised myself I will write (and maybe in English) — still lazy, still didn’t happen. And there is a day job, and a Husband, and a feeling I need to be a housewife in some way — making food, cleaning, be a captain in our house. There is just so many things that prevent me from writing every day. So I don’t even blog that much.

You know: LIFE.

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I’m lost and not found?

I created this place almost one year ago. And then I forgot about it.

This small blog was supposed to be my little place for practicing my English, so I’m back to do that. With just a little will power, ’cause that’s Iwona. And I think I’ve got a plan!

Somewhere in my head, there is that crazy thought: maybe I should write in English? Definitely I should at least try to write in English. What can go wrong? I know my shit.

But I know it’s not that easy, I know my English is not that good. But in the other hand, me living in UK, what’s the point in writing in Polish?

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Tale about Fortuneteller

It’s been 2 moths after NaNoWriMo finished – I didn’t win. Again. But I was supposed to edit my stories starting January. I had only one job this month, and I failed.

This is the story about the story. So Fortuneteller is the only pice I actually finished in my November writing, but it still lacking. It is very short but still I managed to build the tension in it and then… well, the end happened without THAT blast. There is no big boom, no punch in the face (of a monster or any other thing). Continue reading “Tale about Fortuneteller


This is a personal post, in which I want to be a positive person. I am a very experience person in back pain – lots of back pain. It’s more then 12 years now. And last Monday my right leg (she is affected unfortunately) decided she had to much over those 12 years and start to give up. I like to think she is overworked and is trying to get some holiday from supporting my body.

First of all, I should thank Martina from Eat Your Kimchi for showing me, that being positive is actually helping a lot. She is a big inspiration and an amazing person. Really wish I could meet her (both of them of course!) one day and try to speak in Polish with Simon (a little challenge for him).

So I’m not trying to be negative about it. Been there, done that. I’m trying to fight for me even if health care in England is just lots of crap. I’m building my ladder. I was able to get doctors appointment and that’a a great achievement here.

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Not a writer

Some time ago I lost my power to write. And I don’t know where it went.

I think it happened whit my sad emigration. I left Poland with: 2 suitcases, 1 future husband (now just husband) and 0 will to write. It was a stressful and strange time, when I had to look for a good place to live,  good work to earn some money and good people around me (that was a big challenge, I’m still fighting with the crowd).

I lost my magic and it took me nearly 5 years to find some scatter pieces of it. Continue reading “Not a writer”

A New Beginning

Hello World!

This is my new journey – the one to learn more about me and my new home. Well, it’s not THAT new, I started it almost 5 years ago, when I decided to move from Poland to England.

I’m here, ’cause I need to improve. In many ways, but for sure I need to improve my English skills and reading books is not enough anymore for me. I need to write more and think more, and in general be more ‘in English’. Continue reading “A New Beginning”