Hi, hello?

Okay. Let me be clear.

This is my 3rd time starting this place. But this time I decided to declutter it from old thoughts and posts. Let the past be the past and not dwell on it to long. So…

Hi, my name is Iwona, but you can call me Ivy — strangely I like it a lot. And I want to be a writer. I decided on that half of my life ago and I am still on that wanting stage. I am Polish, hence my English is not perfect (actually, I call it ‘square’ especially my accent) but in some really weird conclusion, I decided to write in English. This is like some kind of revelation in my writing life.

And guess what? I have a brand new awesome plan, how to achieve my lifetime goal of becoming a writer. I will actually write something this year. And learn how to plot my novels.

About this blog? A comfy space for me to write and drop some thoughts on titles I read. A place for me to practice my English skills.

I hope you can enjoy it here, with me and my stories, ’cause in some point I want to share them with you.

Yours truly — Ivy